CBD Gummy Bears For Migraines And Headaches!

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CBD Benefits

CBD has turned into a lifeline for many with chronic ailments ranging from migraines to arthritis and even as a supplementary to chemotherapy during cancer treatment! There is no doubt that CBD benefits are far more than CBD’s side effects. CBD has not however had such a flying start, and it was only over time as people and countries opened their border for the miracle drug to make its way into their lives that it truly began to flourish.

Our focus today is on how CBD works its magic in helping you keep a sane mind during office hours and helps you fight migraines!

Before we begin, a brief introduction of the “organic drug with many talents.”

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient you’ll find on extraction from a cannabis or hemp seed plant. As a matter of fact, CBD is only one of the many hundreds of such ingredients you would find. From CBD and THC to flavonoids, all of these encompass the “cannabinoids”.

Consuming CBD products does not cause intoxication as many of you wrongly assume so. CBD is a highly therapeutic substance that is non-psychoactive. Whereas THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive substance in marijuana that would causes you to feel “up in the air” and delusional!

CBD is only one such component of marijuana and not marijuana as a whole!

CBD products can include THC is very minimal quantities. Less than 0.3% and this is not enough to get you anywhere near being “high”.

Will CBD Help My Migraines And Cluster Headaches?

Yes, of course! Headaches are one of the common ailments that many of you reading this have faced one time or the other. Although they are prevalent, the root cause of it is still anyone’s guess. But CBD seems to have taken the initiative in helping us combat this ailment by providing effective relief.

CBD has strong anti-inflammation and nociceptive controlling properties, both of which cause intense bouts of headaches. The nociceptive inhibiting properties of CBD inhibit pain signal that are sent to the brain signalling the headache.

Other painkillers out in the market such as aspirin or paracetamol, which have long term side effects affecting the heart or even stroke due to a burst blood vessel is not an uncommon sight. CBD on the other hand has a much safer side effect profile, and occurs only when mixed with other medications. Simply consulting and seeking the advice of your doctor regarding the dosage of CBD will yield you more promising results.