CBD is among the two most active compounds present in cannabis. The other one is THC. Cannabidiol is found all through the stalk, flowers and seeds of cannabis, so it is easily sourced from the plant. It is possible to consume CBD in many different ways. After it is extracted from cannabis, CBD can be consumed orally, inhaled through a vaporizer, and applied under the tongue.

CBD comes from industrial hemp. Do you know that the first documented medicinal application of this plant happened sometime in the prehistoric period? Are you aware of the fact that many well-known people, including Queen Victoria, consumed cannabis? Since cannabis contains CBD, it can be said that she took this ingredient in cannabis.

We aim to provide pretty much every piece of information concerning this interesting substance, which has been consumed for such a long time. Nowadays, searching for ‘CBD oil’ on Google will bring up over eleven million results. Individuals from every walk of life talk about cannabidiol thanks in part to many different types of media, including the internet, which highlight CBD.

Even vets are finding CBD to be beneficial in treating conditions such as stress, digestive problems, arthritis, cancer, broken bones, among others. We have a post on the topic, ‘benefits of cannabidiol for dogs’. Stay tuned for more such articles.